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Kay, damphy, etc., a purple haired fandom nerd who dreams of one day running away to join the X-Men. I write about fandom and Internet culture, review video games, am an armature mixologist, have worked on reality TV, been a comic book colorist, and write and present panels, including two for San Diego Comic-Con.

I became a volunteer for deviantART in 2004, and have done everything from moderating chat rooms to directing galleries. In 2006, I officially joined core staff as a member of CEA. I am often found obsessively breeding shiny competitive Pokémon, tanking my win rate in League of Legends, and geeking out over various shows, movies, books and games. I love art and artists and genuinely adore all the amazing and sometimes odd creations my job exposes me to on a daily basis.

Be good to each other!

My Articles

My Articles

Fan Art Feature: One PieceCelebrate One Piece and its lasting impact on the anime genre with a brand new Fan Art Feature! View beautiful artwork from the community and read an exclusive interview with the team behind the longstanding series, One Piece.
This feature is sponsored by:

Author / Interviewer: damphyr
The adventure never ends for Monkey D. Luffy and his band of pirate friends as they explore the world in search of the legendary One Piece treasure. One Piece has captured the hearts of fans across the globe with its unique brand of exciting action, upbeat characters, and exploits on the high seas. One Piece has become a worldwide phenomenon, expanding beyond its original manga form to television, video games, card games, and even feature length theatrical films.
Fan Art Feature: GiganticGigantic Fan Art Feature
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Author/Interviewer: damphyr
In a world of long-established multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, one little game is casting a very large shadow. Gigantic looks like no other MOBA out there.

Mozu - Gigantic

Telling Tales: Worldbuilding in Tales of BerseriaWatch Sakimichan take on BandaiNamcoUS’s #TalesofBerseria and explore the benchmarks of creating such a rich world.
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Available Now

Worldbuilding in Tales of Berseria
Author: damphyr
Artist: KheilaHirai
There’s something truly magical about losing yourself in an engrossing narrative. It’s amazing how a story can call to the soul, or how we can sometimes feel like we know a fictional character better than the person sitting next to us. How to successfully craft a narrative capable of captivating fans has long perplexed studios and independent creators alike.
While countless have struggled to create this magical formula just once, the T
Achievement Unlocked: Equality

Achievement Unlocked: Equality
:icondamphyr: damphyr
:icontaxikun: taxikun
F E A . S E T
Nintendo scored points with fans who have been longing for more diversity and representation in games by confirming that newest title in their Fire Emblem series will allow for same-sex relationships.
While this announcement has made headlines, Fire Emblem will not be the first time that Nintendo has allowed players the option of a same-sex union.
In 2005, the Bokujō Monogatari series, Harvest Moon to Engli
Collection: The Nintendo Generations

The Nintendo Generations
:icondamphyr: damphyr
:iconaryastar: aryastar
While Atari may have defined a generation of gamers, Nintendo has both ushered in and held the hearts of several generations with their unique combination of affordable consoles and memorable characters. Mario may have been born a supporting character in Donkey Kong, but he has climbed the ladder, or perhaps slid up the pipe, to become not only Nintendo’s mascot, but one of the most recognizable characters across the globe.
Nintendo product
Why Is Winter Coming

Winter is Coming
:icondamphyr: damphyr
:iconjanvavrusa: janvavrusa
Winter mountains
Few phrases are more closely associated with the Game of Thrones fandom than this one. We know that winters in Game of Thrones are long, often lasting several years. It is also difficult for people in that world to predict when the seasons will change, the Citadel even has a special, rare breed of white raven they send out to deliver the news of the changing season. While this may just be the way that the seasons in the world of Game of Thr
Pokemon is Forever


Foreword by techgnotic
Kay (aka damphyr) is DeviantArt’s go-to expert on everything “Pokémon.”  She also occupies the adventurous position of being one of DeviantArt's main enforcers of standards and practices.  We thank her for being a guardian of artistic erotica and especially, for being able to answer every question we get asked about Pokémon and just about anything else for that matter. Supreme Keeper of all pop culture knowledge, Kay must be protected in case of global disaster.
by damphyr
An incongruous collection of people lined the sidewalk outside the local video game retailer just before opening on March 6th, 2011. The first in line
Harvest Moon: A Return To The Simple Life

HARVEST MOON: A Return to the Simple Life
:icondamphyr: damphyr
:iconneosorcerer: neosorcerer
Harvest Moon
“Harvest Moon” is known in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari.
In a day and age when critics are openly decrying violence in video games, one game in particular is finding great success without the element of fighting or any kind of violence. Harvest Moon first premiered in Japan in 1996, and has grown into a thriving franchise with more than 20 games in the Harvest Moon
Agent Carter: The Hero We've Been Waiting For

Agent Carter: The Female Comic Book Hero We’ve All Been Waiting For
By spotted, damphyr
Agent Carter by Knightreaver
Read More

“Agent Carter” is the latest Marvel Comics based show to hit the airwaves.
Picking up where the Captain America: The First Avenger movie left off, we find ourselves back in the 1940’s following the life of Peggy Carter after losing Steve Rogers (a.k.a. “Capt
DeviantArt's Cat Cafe And Art Lounge

DeviantArt’s Cat Cafe And
Art Lounge

:icondamphyr: damphyr
:iconbullzito: bullzito
Cat Cafe
DeviantArt is excited to announced a bold new venture that will revolutionize the world of artists and animal lovers alike: The DeviantArt’s Cat Cafe and Art Lounge!
The DeviantArt’s Cat Cafe and Art Lounge will become the new home to a stunning array of cats, providing long term homes for over fifty different felines, ranging from purebreds to mixed rescues. Located in the heart of sunny Hollywood, Cal

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`damphyr is one of those people who form an essential building-block of any community and we're especially grateful to have her in ours. Helpful to new deviants and old alike, she goes out of her way to find great art not only to highlight in her journal but also to suggest countless Daily Deviations to be put up as well. She's always ready with constructive criticism of the highest quality. While others moan about deviation violations, she does her deviant duty and reports them. Like any other great artist, she's never afraid to try new things for the sake of her art. For being not only a wonderful deviant but a wonderful artist as well, we recognize damphyr with our award for Deviousness for October 2004.
-awarded October 2004




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Oh hi, I write!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2017, 5:58 PM
Hello! :wave: :aww:

If you're here because you saw my name on the Tales of Berseria article, welcome! I was excited for the opportunity to write about the world of the Tales of games, especially since they have such a structured and unique approach to world building. I hope it's something I was able to express clearly, and that creative types were able to walk away with a little something they could possibly use in their own storytelling! As an added bonus, I got to meet and spend a bit of time with the amazing sakimichan and her friend Gia, who are both hilarious and some of the nicest people I've ever met. This project also let me dive into the stunning and diverse fanart this community has created for the various Tales of games, and I love me some fanart! :la: I've been playing video games my whole life, so getting to write about a series as old and awesome as the Tales Of series (I still have fond memories of playing Tales of Destiny with my brother way back on the PS1 we shared) was a real treat.

I know that my gallery has been a little lacking lately, and while that is sad, it doesn't mean that I haven't been creating. I spend most of my time writing. I'm still constantly on DA and looking at awesome art, but I've found that my creative outlets tend more towards the written word, and I've had the awesome opportunity to contribute to GamingTrend, where I write news, editorials, and review video games in my spare time. I'm an indie game junkie, so while getting to play some of the big titles is great, it's been amazing to get to discover and highlight some of the little known gems smaller studios are putting out. I'm also still keeping up my pet project, DrunkenFandom, which is dedicated to discussing fandom in flavors! Every week we post up a cocktail or mocktail recipe inspired by fandom, and the amazing community and artists of DeviantArt have had no small influence on my understanding of fandom.

I've also been creating plushies! These take a lot more time, since I am incredibly new to the craft, and I tend to mess them up a lot. :XD: But it's still fun! Most recently I created two plushies for Ooblets, an indie game which is still in development. It combines creature collecting and battling with farming, and those are two of my favorite types of games! It's not due to come out until 2108, and I really can't wait. :la:

Shrumbo and Petula Plushies by damphyr

Thank you for dropping by, I hope 2017 is treating you well! So let's chat--what games are you playing currently? What art are you working on? Let me know! :la:

:damphyr: :heart:

:iconcommunityops: :iconfella: :icondepthradius:
damphy image by kozispoon, journal skin by Ikue, icon by Gurinn
  • damphyr (damn-FEAR) deviant. 1. A creature of the night; Female half-vampire/half-human hybrid. 2. Generally a friendly and helpful creature. 3. A nice being until it decides not to be. 4. Is always spelled with a lower-case d.

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